Raftaar Galaxy

Rafter Galaxy Price:

STD 51,900.00 for the Rafter Galaxy


No, I’m not using a charger.

There is no need to charge your phone at home.

Construction Of Body

Electric Bikes are the most common form of transportation.

Telescopic Fore/Aft Suspension (Hydraulic Type)

Suspension at the back: Dual tube double shoker (Hydraulic)

Capacity And Performance:

180 mm of ground clearance

1100 mm in height

a total of 1825 millimeters

Capacity: 250 kg

Saddle 874 mm in height

Storage space behind the seat: 21 liters

Length: 1,080 mm


Maximum Power Source: 60 Volt, 25 Amp-Hours

VRLA is the battery type.

LED is used as the headlight.

Indicator of low battery: True

LED tail light

LED is used to light the turn signal lamp.

Type of Drive: Hub Motor

It has a 250 W motor.

A single charge can travel up to 100 miles.

Initiation: Only Self-Start

Automatic transmission

Brakes and Tyres

Brake Disc in the Front

Disc Brake at Rear

The front tires are –3.00-10.

A: –3.00-10 Rear

Tubeless tires

In the front, the wheel size is 254 millimeters.

Rear: –254 mm.

Type of Wheels: Alloy

Features of the RAFTAAR Galaxy

ABS: There is no such thing.

The following features are optional: 60V/25 Ah Lithium Battery Optional (rapid charging 1 – 2 hours), E-ABS (Electronic-Assisted Braking System) with regenerative energy, Micro Charger with Auto Cut.

In the case of a console.

The Fuel Gauge is now digital.

The odometer is a digital one.

Is There a Passenger Footrest?

The speedometer is a digital one.

Overview of the Raftaar Galaxy

Raftaar Scooters sells two distinct models in India: The Raftaar Galaxy and the Raftaar Titan. There’s only one model available, and it’ll set you back Rs 51.9K. The maximum output of the Raftaar Galaxy is 250 watts. Hero Electric Flash and Hero Electric Optima LX VRLA are key competitors. Please peruse the rest of this page for additional details.

The Raftaar Galaxy comes in a single model, ranging in price from Rs. 51.90 K to Rs. 51.90 K. The Hub Motor drives the Galaxy. It has a maximum output of 250 watts.

Features of the Galaxy

From a safety standpoint, this scooter is equipped with Brake Assist. The Galaxy has a charging time of between four and six hours from a convenience standpoint.

The transmitter of the Galaxy

The automatic transmission aids the Galaxy’s performance.

The body of the Galaxy

Raftaar Galaxy has Telescopic (Hydraulic Type) suspensions with 3.00-10 front tires and Double Shoker (Hydraulic) suspensions with twin-tube technology (with 3.00-10 rear tires) on Raftaar Galaxy. Alloy is included.

Measurements and Dimensions of the Galaxy

180 mm ground clearance, 1100 mm height, 1825-inch length, and 715-inch width make up the Galaxy’s dimensions.

The most recent Samsung Galaxy S8 price

Several Galaxy models are available in India, the most affordable of which is the STD. STD is the most expensive model of Galaxy, costing Rs. 51.90 K.

Explore the rest of this page to learn more about the Galaxy’s most recent features and specifications, as well as the most incredible deals and offers available in your area from Raftaar Scooters scooter dealers.

Galaxy Specs, Functions

The 250 W motor powers the Raftaar Galaxy. Raftaar Galaxy’s price ranges from Rs 51.900 K to Rs 51.900 K. STD is the only variation that may be purchased.

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