Okinawa I-Praise

I-praise for Okinawa:

This scooter has added new premium features, similar to the Okinawa Praise but with lithium-ion batteries. The scooter’s lithium-ion battery pack can be removed and recharged at home using the scooter’s detachable battery pack. Okinawa claims that charging the battery takes only 30-40% as long as charging a lead-acid battery. 160-180 kilometers are stated as the scooter’s claimed battery range.

Several other useful functions are built into the scooter, all of which can be accessed through an Android smartphone app.

Specifications of the Okinawa praise: According to the manufacturer, the I-Praise has a removable lithium-ion battery with a range of 160-180 kilometers and a charging time of 2-3 hours.

  • An iPraise Feature for Okinawa:

The Okinawa I praise scooter has dual front disc brakes and gas-charged front forks. Both the front and rear lights are LED. Okinawa’s Android app syncs with the instrument console, a digital one.

  • Electrified Bicycles
  • A single-seater vehicle.
  • The speedometer is digital.
  • Point of recharging: Yes
  • Clock: Digital.
  • Footrest for the passenger: Yes

An anti-theft alarm.

     There is a navigation system.

  • Battery Low Warning: Yes

The console is a type of computer.

The odometer is electronic.

  • Is there central locking?

Trip Counter: Electronic

Push Button Start, Remote Start

  • Type of Transmission: Manual
  • Disc brakes on the front
  • Suspension and Chassis
  • Hydraulic telescoping front suspension
  • Rear Suspension: Dual tube double shocks
  • Tires and wheel rims
  • The front tyres are -90/90-12. -90/90-12 in the rear
  • Tubeless tyres:

Front: -304.8 mm; Rear: -304.8 mm

A radial tyre is available.

Pressed Steel/Alloy Wheel Type: Alloy

  • Dimensions:

Measurements in millimeters3: 1970*745*1165

Dimensions: 175 millimeters of ground clearance

745 mm in width

1970 mm in length

1165 mm in height

LED is used for the taillight.

  • Electricals:

Lithium-Ion battery

A BLDC motor is used.

3.3 kWh battery capacity

There are LED taillights.

2500-watt motor

139 km/charging cycle.

Battery Life (in Normal Mode): 139 km

Lighting for the Turn Signal: LED

I praise does not support charging at a charging station.

I-praise Mileage for Okinawa:

Okinawa iPraise+ has a range of 139 kilometers per charge. I-Praise’s ARAI mileage claims apply to all models.

ARAI stated that the vehicle could travel 139 kilometers per charge.

A User Said 50 Kilometers/Charge.

  • Calcutta’s Okinawa Bicycle Repair Shop

In Kolkata, there are two Okinawa service centers. Contact the authorized Okinawa service centers in Kolkata listed below for their full address and contact information, and information on service schedules and spare parts for Okinawa two-wheelers. Okinawa Showrooms certified by Okinawa are also available in Kolkata. Cruiser and Oki100 are two popular Okinawa Bikes.

  • As for Okinawa, I-Praise

To completely disrupt India’s electric vehicle market, Okinawa Scooters, the fastest-growing electric two-wheeler manufacturing company, has developed a brand-new electric scooter known simply as the OKINAWA i-Praise. The i-Praise is aptly dubbed ‘The Intelligent Scooter’ because of its impressive and cutting-edge features. i-Praise, which sells for INR 1.15 lacs ex-showroom, has already gotten 450 pre-orders in its pre-launch phase. Glossy red-black, glossy golden black, and glossy silver black are just some of the eye-catching colour options.

Its 160 to 180 km/charge range, reasonable charging time, and weight that is about 30-40 per cent less than many other EVs in its category make the i-Praise an eagerly anticipated introduction to India’s fast-growing market of sustainable transportation. I-Praise is already a sure bet because of the high regard in India for Okinawa’s trustworthiness and impeccable quality.

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