Hero Electric Optima

Optima’s History

In India, the Hero Electric Optima is a starting price of Rs. 51,576 for an electric scooter. Rs. 67,119 for the top-end model comes in two different configurations and four colors. Hero Electric Optima’s combined braking system for the front and rear wheels is provided by the vehicle’s front and rear drum brakes.

City Speed (HX) and Comfort Speed (CS) versions of the Hero Electric Optima electric scooter are available (LX).

Lead-acid (LA) and lithium-ion (Li) batteries are available for the LX model (LI). The top speed of both LX models is 25 km. When it comes to battery life, the lead-acid model is said to have a 50km range per charge, while the lithium-ion model is said to have an 85km range per charge.

The lead-acid version takes about eight to ten hours to charge. In contrast, the lithium-ion version takes between four and five hours to recharge fully. In light of this, the Optima (LX) does not need to be registered.

The LX model has a similar appearance to the HX model in terms of design. A halogen headlight, a front blinker mounted on the apron, and a wide, comfortable seat complete the sleek appearance. Red, Grey, Blue, and White are the four colors chosen.

Ex-Showroom Costs for Optima Models

R 51,440 for the Optima LX (VRLA).

Dual-Battery Optima HX (Rs. 65,640)

The Optima LX costs Rs. 67,440.

Summary of Hero Electric Optima.

Highlights of Optima

50 Km of Riding Range.

25 mph is the maximum allowable speed.

Kerb Weight: 86 kilograms.

Charge time: 8-10 hours.

A maximum of 250 watts.

There is a USB port.

Hero Electric Optima Features and Benefits

The front and rear drum brakes on the Hero Electric Optima are new. Optima has tube tires and alloy wheels.

Overview of the Hero Electric Optima’s specs

Type of Energy Source: Electric.

550-watt motor.

a maximum travel distance of 122 kilometers.

Hero Optima Electric Vehicle Range

A full charge of the Hero Electric Optima can get you 85 kilometers (50 miles). For all of the Optima models, this is the ARAI-reported mileage.

ARAI asserted a charge of 85 km/hr.

Reports of 60 Kilometers/Charge.

How much will a 2022 Hero Electric Optima cost to own?

A: Hero Electric Optima’s Delhi on-road price for 2022 is Rs 54,410. Ex-showroom, RTO, and insurance fees are all included in this price.

In terms of performance, which Hero Electric Optima is better?

Either A or B, the Hero Electric Optima is charged at Rs. 51,576 has a range of 50 kilometers, a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour, and a charging time of 8 to 10 hours. However, the Hero Electric Optima HX has a range of 82 kilometers and is priced at Rs. 55,000. Based on their detailed specifications, features, prices, and customer reviews, you may compare the Hero Electric Optima and Hero Electric Optima HX models.

What is Hero Electric Optima’s color options?

Red, Grey, Blue, and White are the color options for the Hero Electric Optima. All of Hero Electric Optima’s color images are available for viewing here.

What is Hero Electric Optima’s most essential features?

In terms of range and speed, the Hero Electric Optima has a 250 W motor and a top speed of 25 Kmph. It makes it a 50 Km electric bike.

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