Ampere Magnus

Price in Ampere Magnus

Ampere Magnus’ price ranges from Rs. 49,999 to Rs. 68,999. Ampere Magnus is available in three models: 60, STD, and Magnus EX, which costs Rs. 68,999.

  • Ampere Magnus Latest Updates

As a result of the revised Fame-II subsidies for 2021, Ampere Vehicles has announced a significant reduction in the Magnus Pro’s price. The scooter’s price has been reduced by Rs 9,000, making it more affordable.

  • Specifications for the Ampere Magnus

As an electric vehicle, the Magnus can reach 55kmph, but even with the instant torque that an electric motor provides, it takes 10 seconds to accelerate from a standstill to 40kmph. Eco and Cruise modes are available on the Ampere Magnus Pro. In Eco mode, the range is up to 100 kilometers, while in Cruise mode, the content is about 80 kilometers. A removable 60V, 30Ah lithium-ion battery allows you to charge it at work or home without removing the battery. Conventional 5-amp sockets take 5-6 hours to charge completely. Both ends of the scooter are armed with 130mm drum brakes, a telescopic fork, and twin rear preload-adjustable shocks. Tubeless tires cover its 10-inch steel wheels. A vehicle with a 150mm ground clearance will have no problem navigating the pothole-ridden roads of the United States.

  • Ampere Magnus Engineering & Consulting Inc.

Non-mainstream electrics, like the Magnus, appear more conventional than their mainstream counterparts. It’s not the prettiest scooter in the world, but it’s simple and sophisticated all the same. The apron has chrome garnish, the side panels are lightly creased, and the overall lines are clean.

  • Features of Ampere Magnus

The LED DRLs, bulb indicators, and tail lamps all come standard on the Ampere Magnus Pro. Even though the bezel is large, the LCD in the instrument cluster is pretty standard in size. The scooter may lack features, but it makes up for it with simple but practical features like an apron-mounted storage space with an integrated USB port, a utility hook on the apron, keyless entry, and even an anti-theft alarm.

  • Competitors of Ampere Magnus

Gemopai Astrid Lite and Okinawa Ridge Plus are the Magnus Pro’s main competitors. Honda Activa 125, Suzuki Access 125, and Hero Maestro Edge 125 are petrol-powered scooters that fall within their price range.

  • Ampere Magnus’s technical specifications.

It’s an Electric Scooter named Ampere Magnus. Front and rear drum brakes are standard on the Ampere Magnus. Magnus has a curb weight of 82 kilograms. For the Ampere Magnus, tubeless tires are common, as are alloy rims.

  • Overview of the Technical Specifications for the Ampere Magnus

Type of Energy Source: Electric

250-watt motor

121 km/charge

Measurement: 94 kg for curb weight

1190 mm Seat Height

  • Magnus Ampere Mileage

Ampere Magnus has a range of 84 kilometers per charge. The ARAI mileage is for all Magnus models, including the base model.

According to the ARAI, this vehicle gets 84 kilometers per charge.

A User Said 75 Kilometers/Charge.

Q. Is a driver’s license required to operate this scooter?

If you ride a scooter in India with a top speed of 25 kilometers per hour or lower, you don’t need a license or registration. In contrast, the Ampere Magnus is fueled by electricity by a 1200 W Hub Motor, which requires a license and registration because its top speed is around 50–3 kph.

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