Odysse Electric Evoqis

  • Odyssey Electric Evoqis Technical Specifications

It is called the Odyssey Electric Evoqis, an electric bicycle. Drum brakes are installed in the front and rear of the Odyssey Electric Evoque. Among the Odyssey, Electric Evoqis are its tubeless tires and alloy wheels.

  • Overview of the Odysse Electric Evoqis specifications

Electricity is used as a fuel.

3000 watts of motor power

  • Odyssey Electric Evoqis Price in Kolkata

The Odyssey Electric Evoqis in Kolkata may be purchased for a starting price of Rs. 1.64 lakh ex-showroom. The Evoque is available in a single variant, the Evoqis STD. We also have the Evoqis on-road pricing breakup for all of its versions, which includes the ex-showroom price plus RTO fees, insurance, and other fees, among other things. For the Odyssey Electric Evoqis base model price, the Evoqis EMI works out to Rs. 4,725 per month at a rate of 9.45 percent. To compare Evoqis with other bikes in the same price range, Kabira Mobility KM 4000 (Rs. 1.36 lakh) and Hero Lectro EHX20 (Rs. 1.35 lakh) are two of the most popular alternatives.

  • Models of Evoqis are available for purchase on the road in Kolkata.

Price of Evoqis Models on the Road

Evoque STD is worth Rs. 1.64 lakh.

Odyssey Electric Bike Service Centers are located throughout Kolkata.

Odyssey Electric Service Centers are based throughout Kolkata. To obtain their full address and contact information, as well as further information about Odyssey Electric two-wheeler service schedules and spare parts, please get in touch with the authorized Odysse Electric service centers located in Kolkata listed below. In addition, look for authorized Odysse Electric Showrooms in Kolkata. Odyssey Electric Bikes are very popular.

  • Engine

Electricity is employed as a fuel in this process.

  • Brakes

Front brakes are discs.

Brakes in the back: drum

  • Rubber and steel rims and wheels:

Tubeless tires are available.

Pressed steel/alloy wheels are the most common type.

  • Electricals:

Power of the motor: 3000 watts

Using the Charging Station to Charge Your Phone

In terms of battery options, are there suitable for both fast charging and long driving distances? Examples include:

  • The click battery and solid-state batteries, and aluminum air.
  • Diamond fuel cell.
  • Sodium.
  • Lithium phosphate.
  • Iron ion batteries.
  • Q. Will the Odysse Electric Evoqis be equipped with a push start button?

Q. Is there a government subsidy available in Gujarat for this type of project?

Intending to increase the number of electric vehicles on Indian roads, the government of India has announced significant changes in its subsidy program, known as FAME 2 (Future Ahead of Me). Among the most noticeable changes is that the subsidy rate has increased from Rs 10,000 per kWh to Rs 15,000 per kWh, representing a 25% increase. The scooters will still be required to meet the minimum range and highest speed requirements of 80km and 40kmph, respectively, to be approved. As a result, all low-speed electric scooters will be disqualified from receiving the subsidy.

The Odyssey Electric Evoq is powered by a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 4.32 kWh and has a maximum range of 140 kilometers. The top speed is limited to 80 kilometers per hour. The Evoque takes approximately 6 hours to recharge the battery fully.

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